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Happy New Year!

The latter part of Xmas was spent cruising on the river Danube visiting Vienna, Melk, Bratislava and Budapest and having a damn good rave up on New Years Eve. Most enjoyable! What I can remember of it haha only joking. Sort of....

Here I am jumping for joy in Durnstein at the start of the cruise.

So what's in the pipeline for the BFriendlies?

Look out for our great new single The I Love You Song to be released on Valentines Day. I wrote it for Cathy last year. Now it is all prepped and ready to roll. We have a video ready soon which is us playing the song at Fowey Royal Regatta last August.We will be releasing the new album Gather Up and Move On later this summer and in the meantime have plans for some more single releases including The Vegan Camp Out Song which has already clocked up around 800 organic you tube views.

Great to see we have had some comeback invitations from the festivals we played last summer. We are looking to add to these with maybe holiday camp appearances where I am convinced we will go down well.

It's all good so stay tuned in!

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