Duo BFriendly bring their own brand of feelgood reggae music and anecdotal humour to events and venues around the UK. The duo write and perform songs about life, loves and the environment with a witty lyrical and singalong style. They also have their own dance called the 'Jeggae Dance'.

The inspiration for their original songs and catchy melodies come from a lifelong love of reggae music and include influences from major reggae artists such as Desmond Dekker, Shaggy and Bob Marley. 

With two albums 'Be Friendly' and 'Working Man' already released and a third nearing completion BF say, ‘With the difficulties in the world at the moment, if we can bring a little sunshine into peoples lives and help in someway to bring people together and make them more caring and compassionate about the planet we live on, then our mission is accomplished.’


Making music to make you feel good...

Buy or stream the new album 'Working Man' here!

Buy or stream the album 'Be Friendly' here!