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Find out more about BFriendly

Talented musician and composer BFriendly brings his own fresh style to reggae music and dubstep.

In the past he has worked in TV, played in a 12 piece soul band and even been a classical concert pianist! 

His reggae roots go back to the days of trojan and ska music of the 70s when he was knee high to a grasshopper! He explains this history in songs like Rasta Rasta and Reggae Man. 

'When I was a teen I was always glued to mi little red radio. I took it everywhere I went. I even took it to school so as I could listen to the charts in geography on a Tuesday. Of course eventually teach found out and it was confiscated. I got it back at the end of school!'

Mi fave was always reggae music. Bob Marley was king to me.'

Join BF on his reggae journey. You can be sure it will be an interesting ride!

FACT: BFriendly ends his 2nd album with a track that ends on the buddhist chant Om Sohum which identifies as being at one with the universe!