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As well as great singalong foot-tapping family entertainment BFriendly also has songs with related activities which children particularly enjoy.

1 Bee Friendly

The song Bee Friendly is very popular with youngsters as its very easy to pick up the words and melody and join in. The song has a great environmental message about looking after Bees and in the age of climate change this goes down very well.

2 The Jeggae Dance

BFriendly have their own dance  'The Jeggae Dance'

Very simple steps mean that children (and adults) can pick this up quickly and easily. The dance floor is usually full by the end of the performance!

3 Get Da Curry On

A thoroughly entertaining finale to the act is the ever growing popular 'Get Da Curry On'.

12 children (or adults) are invited to the stage area and given cards with pictures of ingredients on.

The children are asked to hold the cards up as their ingredient is called in the song. As you can imagine it can be hilarious when things go wrong. 

The volunteers get a reward for participating. (Stocks permitting)

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Entertaining the crowd at the Stonehenge Solstice Festival

Recent testimonials

I have had BFriendly perform at two of my online events - World Vegan Month Online Festival and Christmas Special Show on my World Vegan Market.


They were brilliant and the viewers at home loved their performances, which I could see from their comments.


BFriendly's style of music, which I would describe as contemporary sing-along, bop-along reggae pop is what I feel the world needs right now. 


BFriendly's songs not only make you feel good, but each of them has a message. I am finding that I am still singing their songs in my head.


If you are an events organiser, I would definitely recommend hiring BFriendly to perform at your event. You and your audience will absolutely love it!


Shabari Das

Founder and Manager of World Vegan Market 

Cathy zumba
Cathy does the Jeggae dance

'I love the new music from BFriendly.  My son and I have listened to every track, and it has had us tapping our feet and singing along.  Our favourite song, The Sunny Day Song, has such a positive message and a great vibe.  And great production too.  I’ve really enjoyed recently seeing

these guys live and wish BFriendly a well-deserved success'


Giles Bryant World Healing Project




The best vibes in all of Vegan Camp Out! (subjective)

Huge thanks for BFriendly music for your reggae tunes and smiley, happy performances at the family area marquee!

Laura Chepner (Event Organiser VCO)

BFriendly at Fowey Regatta
BFriendly played at the Fowey Royal Regatta in 2022
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