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Marching On

So now that my second album 'Working Man' is at Oakfield Records for mastering I can attend to promotion matters. This album should be released in a few weeks but here's the thing. The third album is already half written and I intend to have this ready for release sometime around my 'Peace, Love and Reggae Tour 2022. Maybe even at the tour's conclusion. This brings me nicely onto the tour itself.

I'm not sure that all events are booking yet as I am finding it hard to contact some. Some are rolling over their acts from last year which due to Covid were cancelled. This may mean it is harder for me to get a booking in 2022.

The good news is that I have received interest from VFest, Stonehenge and the Leigh Regatta. So lets hope we can get those dates in the book soon and work on some more.

I look forward to reporting positively on this in the next few weeks. In the meantime I shall keep updating about other movements on the promotions and recordings front.

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