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The Air Of Freedom

I recently completed work on Uno's Song (breathe the air of freedom) which was written about Uno a moon bear incarcerated by the illegal Vietnamese bear bile trade for 20 years.

We visited the Animals Asia stand at Vegfest last November and entered the 'name the bear' competition to which I entered Jigsaw as the name. On leaving the venue at the end of the day I received a phone call from AA instructing me I had won the said competition and had won the bear! Jigsaw is now happy on our sofa back home! We made the online connection with Animals Asia and earlier this year I saw a face book video they had posted about Uno's first day of freedom and was inspired to write the song.

Since then we have recorded it and also performed it at Vegfest Brighton in April. We plan to make a video to go with it and expect the single to be released in the next few of weeks with proceeds going to Animals Asia and their fight to rescue bears from the trade. Look them up on line to see the wonderful work they do.

In the studio I am now working on a reggae version of John Lennon's Imagine. I know I am on sacred turf here but it works really well and I have added a verse of my own to reflect the climate crisis. I am convinced that John himself would like this!

We have now started our 2023 tour with recent dates in Reading, Portsmouth and as I said Brighton. We are pleased to get a lot of gig returns from last year along with adding some new venues.

Ok time to crack on. The work never stops! We look forward to seeing you out and about on our tour in 23 and we wish you a great summer (preferably not quite as hot as last year!)

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