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Up and coming

Its been a while since I blogged so here goes with an up-date.

We released The I Love You Song on Valentines day this year after it was received with much good reception on last year's 'Peace, Love and reggae tour'. It is the first single release from our up and coming album Gather Up and Move On (the title of this years tour) expected to be released later this year. If you haven't already please grab yourself a stream or download. All listens gratefully received!

On the gig front, dates are coming in with great returns to Vegan Camp Out, Vegan Kids festival and Vegfest Brighton. We are looking to increase our gig load this year and have about 7 definites so far. we are currently rehearsing for these and our first date will be April 29th at Vegfest Brighton. We are particularly looking forward to our return to Vegfest Brighton as the last time we were there was before lockdown in 2020. Seems a long time ago now!

Writing wise. I have been inspired to write a song about Uno the bear who was a victim of the Chinese bear bile trade and has finally been freed. If you get a chance look up Animals Asia and see the great work they do for suffering bears and animals in that part of the world. Ive also written a song called 'Pretty Vegan' which is very catchy and guaranteed to get people singing along. (even the non-vegans). This was based loosely on an idea by Giles Bryant of Peace On Your Plate notoriety however this is reggae and extremely different to that version which, incidentally I played piano on. This song comes with a hand jive as well!

So lets see how this all pans out as the year unfolds!


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