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Festival Time!

So here we are in the middle of festival season 2023. So far the weather has been a little mediocre compared to last years heat but hey ho we are not burning! This week we are looking forward to performing at Vegan Camp Out in Oxfordshire. We will be performing our usual repertoire along with our very own Vegan Camp Out Song which will be making it's debut at the great event.

This song is now released and in all major online stores.

Gigs continue to roll in so keep updated with our tour page on the website.

The new version of John Lennon's imagine is going down well and we hope to feature this on the next and 4th BFriendly album to be announced later this year. In the meantime we have a 3rd album to release in the next few weeks 'Gather Up and Move On'. In fact we are in the middle of a run of single releases atm. Next up will be Little Green Pigeon which I wrote for the charity of the same name and expect to release this catchy little ditty in a couple of weeks. So keep tuned its all happening!

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