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On Hold

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

The summer 23 has been going brilliantly and it is good to know we are connecting with people more than ever. From releasing the Vegan Camp Out Song and playing it at Vegan Camp Out to working with great band Mobius Loop and Vegan Queen V at the Wild Kind Hearts festival. We also had a great gig at the 25 year celebration of Life Arts at Suffolk Mind Body Spirit festival where we performed with tribute bands Elton V, The UK Bee Gees and Bjorn Illusion.

We are pleased to announce the release recently of our single Little Green Pigeon, dedicated to the great work of the charity of the same name. You can find this in all the major on line stores. Give it a listen - it is going down very well!

Sadly as we hit August Cathy fractured her ankle (see picture) and this has meant we have had to put our tour temporarily on hold. We look forward to her complete recovery in the near future and a resumption of our on-going Peace Love and Reggae tour. We are hoping to make the London Vegan Comedy and Music festival this weekend which promises to be a great event.

Anyway on the positive side, we will be releasing our third album 'Gather Up and Move On' in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that, and yes a fourth album is already under construction! We are also looking forward to working with a new drummer on future material....

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