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Moving On

Here we are pictured at the London Olympia Vegfest in November. We are pleased to announce that we came 4th in the best entertainers category at the Vegfest awards. Behind some very established acts. Not bad for our 1st year of performances! We were also called back in as we walked out to the car being told that we had won the 'name the bear' contest. Jigsaw is now happily sat on our settee back at home.

So the title of this blog reflects where we are after a very successful summer season. It also relates to the next album titled 'Gather Up And Move On' of which the last track is 'Movin On.' This album is now complete and being mastered. It will be released next spring and the first single from it 'The I Love You Song' will be released in January.

So how does BFriendly move on?

I had this great idea that we would be suitable for UK holiday camp gigs next year. It would not only pay a decent wage but would also gain us a few fans and followers I reckon. Watch this space on that one. We are also hoping to return to Vegan Camp Out in 2023 where we will perform 'The Vegan Camp Out Song.' Also we hope to return to the Vegan Kids Festival which is in Bristol next summer. We have some great new audience participation ideas to try out on the youngsters.

We are looking to make a video to our Xmas song 'Be Friendly Xmas.' This should be released in a couple of weeks time.

In the meantime enjoy the build up to xmas. It'll be here and gone before we know it!

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