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Yes it feels like spring is here. After the long chill of winter finally a little warmth from the sun.

Time for a walk up Danbury hill for a little inspiration.

After the release of the 2nd album 'Working Man' in early March, my 3rd album is now almost complete at least in composition. One more track to write and then it's time to mix and master.

We can't forget the terrible things that are happening in Ukraine at the present time but with the covid thing, have we turned a corner maybe?

On the tour front, to be honest I may well knock the Peace, Love and Reggae tour back to 2023 as dates are not coming in as fast as I would have liked. There are only 2 definite and 5 shaky looking provisionals so far and to be fair even though I have sent off many applications I'm still not sure that events bookers are confident.

We shall see. I stand ready to reinstate the tour should dates start coming in.

In the meantime. All the best!

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