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With a Little Bit Of Jeggae!


Hope all is good with you!

I am so excited to be currently working on our third album 'The Boss' which is completed from the writing angle and I will now finish recording and then the process of mixing it down. Im hoping for a summer release on this album but also to be promoting the first 2 albums on-line in the build up to our 'Peace Love and Reggae' tour which will start around late June and is gathering dates.

We will be taking our new dance 'The Jeggae Dance' onto the circuit this summer and will be teaching this to audiences across the land. Hopefully you may be joining in soon! Ha ha!

Our new tour bus is up and ready to hit the road after an amazing road trip to my daughter Emmaline's wedding in Italy. Over 2000 miles.

Finally we will be releasing our own version of the previously released Peace on Your Plate song 'Ask Me Why' on the 22nd May. This song was penned by myself and I have now given it the reggae makeover. Look out too for the release of 'The Sunny Day Song' which is due to happen in June.

Must dash...

Take care!

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