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Have A Merry Be Friendly Christmas

Cathy was annoyingly accurate in the snowball fight during the filming to Be Friendly Christmas

With the Peace On Your Plate crew ( Ian, Cathy, Giles, Juliette, Gavin and Stephanie) whilst filming the video to the new song for Christmas no 1

I Am One With You.

Lots happening for Christmas. Firstly we have been building to the release of our own BFriendly Christmas song Be Friendly Christmas. Making the video has been a lot of fun though hard work none the less.

We were lucky to get a smattering of snow recently and Cathy and I enjoyed taking some footage of us messing around, singing and dancing and it all adds that little more Christmassy effect to it.

The single is released today (14th Dec) and we will be occupied over the next few days promoting this. The video will also be released in the next few days.

As if our own video isn't enough! We have also been working with the Peace On Your Plate crew again who have been making another attempt at getting a Xmas number 1! 3 years ago we made the national chart with the band's debut christmas single Peace On Your Plate. Now we're hoping to repeat or better that performance. Check out:

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