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On The Road..

So here I am in our new tour bus and we've already clocked up some tour gigs.

We start with the Queens Jubilee weekend when we played to our neighbours and I must say got a really good reception. They had little idea of what we'd been working on in the house all those months of lockdown. This was not part of the tour more like a rehearsal for the forthcoming tour proper.

So to kick off we had a fantastic gig at Stonehenge Solstice Festival where we were most warmly received by the Solstice community. A week later we played at our local animal sanctuary, Hopefield and once again the reception was amazing. We were also pleased to be joined by friends and family who were yet to see us gig.

Next up is another local gig. Southend Vegan Fair which promises to be a great event (if the weather holds!)

I'll keep you posted on our progress and don't forget to check out our tour dates and come along and say hello if you can make it to a gig or 2!

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